Full name:
Perrie Louise Edwards
Date of birth:
10 July 1993
Place of birth:
South Shields, Tyne & Wear
Home town:
South Shields, Tyne & Wear


Perrie`s family were musical.
Perrie`s maternal grandmother, Nancy Hogg (nee Gosling), had, from age 11 to 13, performed with Eddie Chew Contrast Group.
Perrie`s maternal grandfather, Hugh Hogg, had played the accordian and sang.
Perrie`s mother, Debbie, had been a soul singer.
Perrie`s father, Alexander Edwards, had been, and still is, a singer.
In the 1980s, Alex had been the singer with bands –
firstly with Wallop, then with Six Of The Best.
In 1995, Alex formed and sang his own band, Alexander`s Palace.
Alex is still the singer with Alexander`s Palace, and the band, with Alex as singer, continues to perform at gigs in England and Europe,
but the bandremains unsigned.
Perrie was named after Steve Perry of rock band Journey.

Perrie began singing when she was about five year old. Her mother, Debbie recalled, “her older brother, Jonnie, played the guitarand, since she was about five,Perrie would join in singing”.
Perrie remembers that, when she was six years old,she sang The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, from the musical, Annie, in a laundrette.
Perrie`s grandfather, Hugh, encouraged Perrie to sing, as Perrie`s grandmother, Nancy, said, “He always used to say toher, `
sing at the top of your voice. If you sing, sing out loud and let everyone hear you`”.
brother, Jonnie, remembers, “When we were younger, it was like telling Christina Aguilera to be quiet all the time. She was just always singing.”

Perrie began learnt ballet and tap dancing at June Horby`s Dance Club, Derby Street, Weymouth, Dorset, when Perrie was young
and Perrie was living withher mother
Debbie and her brother Jonnie in Dorchester Road, Weymouth, Dorset
Perrie and Jonnie attended Whizzy`s acting club in Weymouth .

Perrie, Johnnie and their mother, Debbie, moved back to South Shields, Tyne & Wear.

Perrie remembers, “I put on performances for my mum and step-sister when I was young and always wanted to do it. But, I neverhad the confidence to do it well.”.
Perrie`s mother, Debbie, recalled, “She (Perrie) would never sing in front of people” .
Perrie first sang in public when she was nine years old, when she went on holiday with her grandmother to Benidorm, Spain, and Perrie got up on stage and sang in a karaoke competition.

Perrie was musical at primary school in South Shields, Tyne & Wear, as Jade Armstrong, who knew Perrie at primary school, recalled,”She was learning the guitar and was always singing”.

When Perrie was 11 or 12 years old, she was filmed singing
The Everly Brothers` ‘When Will I Be Loved

From the age of 11, Perrie attendedsecondary school, and when she was older, she studied drama for her GCSEs.
Perrie performed in school shows at secondary school.
Perrie recalled,
“I thought I was just a normal singer. I did a few shows at school, but I was always at the back. I never got a lead role and just hadto walk on and walk off.” 

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